Emergency aid against the Coronavirus: In order to slow down the spread of the corona virus, people are asked to work from home. We want to help everybody who is looking for a turnkey solution that is compliant with privacy laws. Room4Work is for free if you sign up before April 1st, 2020 and register as a Premium Coworker. You will be able to use every digital Workspace you created prior to that date for free at all times.

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About us

Room4Work is a digital Coworking Space. Just like a normal Coworking Space in your city you rent workspaces. Virtual workspaces that are accessible from everywhere in the world. Note: The first workspace you create is always for free.

You have no idea how a digital Workspace looks like? No problem, we prepared demo workspaces for you to look at. Check them out.

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Digital Workspaces

With our digital Workspaces you and your team can start right away:

You will find many digital tools already pre-configured in your workspace.

Each workspace is a private webspace. Only those people you invite are able to join.

It doesn't matter how many users you invite and how many workspaces you create. The monthly cost is always the same.

Access for your colleges and visitors is free.

Tip: By using a Premium Workspace you don't need additional tools like WhatsApp, Trello, Dropbox or Zoom. Our workspaces protect your privacy and comply with EU-GDPR.

Free Workspaces

Our free Workspaces offer many functions a team needs to work together:

Shared document folders

Info channel for your team

Notepad with concurrent editing

Tasklist with due dates

Group chat

Mobile messenger (iOS and Android)

If you need a basic room to collaborate then our free Workspaces are ideal for you. More advanced functions are available in our Premium Workspaces.

Premium Workspaces

Your can use our Premium Workspaces for a monthly subscription fee. As Premium Coworker you can use as many Premium Workspaces as you need and you can invite as many Coworkers as you like. The price doesn't change.

Our Premium Workspaces offer powerful functions:

Shared document folder with editors for text documents and speadsheets (.docx and .xlsx formats)

Newschannel with comments

Multi-page notepad with concurrent editing

Task boards (kanban or scrum style) with due dates

Calendar function with iCal integration

Multiple parallel group conversations

video conference with recording option.

Mobile Messenger (iOS and Android)

Individual Workspace Design. Set colors, logo and background.

If you need a best-equipped Workspace for important projects and teams, our Premium Workspaces are the best, all-in-one choice for you.

There are demo workspaces you can look at. Log in for free and learn the options you have.


Free Usage

Room4Work can be used for free. Everybody is welcome to join. Simply sign up and get started.

Every Coworker can create one free Workspace and use it ongoingly. This includes that you can invite as many users as you like to your free workspace.

Premium Coworker

If you need more than one Workspace and you want to use the advanced features of a Premium Workspace, you need to sign up as a Premium Coworker. You can sign up for a monthly, half-year or annual plan.

Room4Work is currently available for free, if you sign up as a Premium Coworker before April 1st,2020. Every digital Workspace you create prior to that date remains free forever.

As a Premium Coworker you can create as many Premium Workspaces as you need. You can also invite as many other Coworkers into your Workspaces. Once your Subscription expired, you can still see and access your Workspaces but you cannot make any changes any more. Your Free Workspace remains free and accessible for ever.

Only the person that creates and owns a Premium Workspace needs to be a Premium Coworker. All other people you invite can join for free. They don't need to sign up as a Premium Coworker as well.

Pricing for Premium Coworker Subscriptions

Our price plans are per person and do not depend on the number of Workspaces you create.

Monthly Plan:

32,00 EUR per month

Half year Plan:

160,00 EUR per half year
one month for free (32,00 x 5)

Annual Plan:

288,00 EUR per year
three months for free (32,00 x 9)


You can pay your subscription fee using direct debits (SEPA, EU only), PayPal or wire transfer. We don't need your credit card information.

Contact and Terms

is an initiative of the Coworking Space Room4Work Landau


Room4Work.Digital is powered by Linkando, the digital platform for digital workspace solutions. To learn more visit www.linkando.com

Terms and Data Protection

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